Coastal Pet Products Safari Dog Double Row Undercoat Rake with Rotating Pins (Medium/Large (6.25" L X 4.25" W))

Coastal Pet Products

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  • Deeply penetrates undercoats with precision rotating pins to prevent matting.
  • Maintains a healthy, beautiful coat by removing mats and tangles.
  • Rounded pins offer added comfort.
  • Double-row rakes tackle thicker, dense undercoats.
  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee.


Elevate your dog's grooming routine with the Safari® by Coastal® Dog Double Row Undercoat Rake – the ultimate tool for managing thick and heavy coats with ease. This precision instrument is designed to tackle the challenges of thick coats head-on. Featuring rotating pins that penetrate deeply into your dog's coat, it effectively removes mats and tangles, leaving your furry friend with a smooth and healthy coat. The rounded tips of the pins prioritize your dog's comfort throughout the grooming process. What sets this undercoat rake apart is its dual-row design with pins of varying lengths. This feature provides maximum performance, making it an ideal choice for dogs with extra thick and heavy coats. It's a gentle yet effective tool that will leave your dog looking and feeling their best. Choose the Safari® by Coastal® Dog Double Row Undercoat Rake and make grooming your furry friend a breeze.


Great for Long Hair.


Prevents matting with regular use.


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