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Take Advantage of Professional Pet Boarding for Birds, Reptiles and Small Animals

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Pets enjoy the company, and if you’re planning a prolonged trip or a vacation, proper boarding can help alleviate their loneliness, in addition to ensuring they’re taken good care of. At Garden State Pet Center, our trained staff will provide you with full start-to-end boarding services, custom-tailored to you and your pet's needs.

We go the extra mile to ensure your feathery, furry, and scaley friend gets all the attention they need. With cages, cups, and food dispensers cleaned daily, water provided twice a day, and treats dispensed to every well-behaving bird, our boarding care is designed to feel like a 5-star tweet hotel for your bird, small animal, and reptile.

We recommend you provide toys for your birds, small animals, and reptiles when they might be feeling playful and energetic. As we are all pet-enthusiasts and owners, we know how long every second away from them feels like. If you are missing your feathery,  furry, and scaley friend, be sure to call and check on them. We strive daily to make it as comfortable an environment as possible for your precious little ones and you.

Boarding prices per night:

  • Small Birds - $8
  • Medium Birds - $9
  • Large Birds - $10
  • Small Animals - $10
  • Reptiles - $10