Boxiecat Glo™ Natural Attractions™ Clumping Clay Litter


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A proactive litter box solution featuring 30 day odor control and Glo™ UV crystals that guide cats to the litter box.

Finally, a litter made for cats. Our line of proactive Glo™ litter solutions help cats find their way to the litter box using proprietary Glo Light Attractant™ UV sparkles only cats can see. Creating healthy litter box habits for your cat has a lot of potential benefits, such as:

  • Help with house-soiling and FLUTD prevention
  • Reduced stressed
  • Increased comfort & happiness
  • Discourage litter box aversion or behavioral issues
  • A lifetime of consistent litter box use


Designed to give cats the best chance at litter box success, Glo™ litter solutions use sight, smell and touch to provide the most encouraging and stress-free litter box experience.

  • SIGHT: Glo Light Attractant™ Encourages cats to use the litter box with added UV sparkles as a visual attractant™ so they know where to go™ cue that says "this is the place to go".
  • SMELL: Glo Outdoor Attractant™ Contains a mild scent as an instinctual attraction to the outdoors.
  • TOUCH: Glo Paw Feel Attractant™ Cats love to dig in soft, comfortable Glo™ granules engineered to mimic the North African desert where house cats originated.


  • Hypoallergenic & 99.9% dust free
  • Reducing stress in the litter box may help with house-soiling and FLUTD
  • When used as directed, Glo™ supports a lifetime of consistent litter box use

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