Coastal Pet Adjustable Check Training Collar for Dogs

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  • Designed to provide comfortable, gentle training for dogs.
  • Limited-closure chain loop prevents uncomfortable tightening.
  • Soft nylon material reduces neck hair loss.
  • Adjustable design ensures a secure, comfortable fit.
  • Variety of classic, fade-resistant color options.


Achieve safe and gentle dog training with the Coastal® Adjustable Check Training Collar for Dogs, a reliable tool designed to ensure comfortable and effective training for your beloved canine companion. This unique collar combines the benefits of a limited-closure chain loop with the softness of nylon, offering the ideal balance between comfort and control. The limited-closure chain loop prevents the collar from becoming too tight during training sessions, preventing any discomfort or harm to your dog. Simultaneously, the nylon material is gentle on your dog's neck, reducing the loss of neck hair and ensuring a comfortable training experience. The adjustable design of the collar allows you to customize the fit, ensuring it's both secure and comfortable for your dog. With the Coastal® Adjustable Check Training Collar, you can provide gentle guidance and correction during training, helping your dog learn and develop positive behaviors. To suit your style and your dog's personality, choose from a variety of classic colors available. With this collar, you can confidently train your dog while maintaining their comfort and well-being.


Adjustable. Bold, Classic Colors.


Limited-closure training collar for gentle correction.

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