Grub-Worms Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Black Soldier Fly Larvae)

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Black soldier fly grubs contain roughly 40% protein, 28% fat, 10% fiber, and 3% calcium. The nutritional profile varies depending on what the grubs consume. The protein in black soldier fly grubs can help chickens during the molt which is when a chicken loses all its feathers and re-grows new feathers. During this time, protein needs increase because feathers are about 90% protein.  

Protein is also needed on a regular basis for maintaining various body systems and keeping a chicken healthy. Black soldier fly grubs can be a helpful supplement during times of stress or weather changes when protein needs may also increase for the flock.  

The fat content of black soldier fly grubs provides essential energy and can actually increase the amount of nutrition that is absorbed from feed ingredients that are present at the same time of digestion. The fiber content of black soldier grubs is beneficial for keeping a healthy digestive system.  


  • Rich in protein for healthy feathers and eggs
  • 50x more calcium than mealworms
  • Essential amino acids for strong, shiny feathers


  • Oven-dried black soldier fly grubs
  • Sustainably harvested on a diet of fruits, veggies & grains
  • All natural grubs, no sprays or additives

Feeding Guide

  • Introduce new foods gradually and give your flock access to grit to aid digestion
  • Feed by hand or by scattering them on the ground
  • Also great for ducks, wild birds, lizards, and turtles!

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