Huggle Hounds HuggleHug™ Lavender Bone and Calming Spray Set (1 Set)


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Introducing our first solution toy set, our HuggleHug™ Lavender Bone and Calming Spray Set.  Dogs experience anxiety just like we do, it's natural—life can be stressful! But unlike people, dogs can’t verbally express their anxiety. From traveling to thunderstorms and trips to the vet, dog anxiety is common and it can prevent your dog from enjoying normal doggie activities … like going for a walk around the neighborhood. Our plush HuggleFleece®Bone is the soft, comfortable companion they need, especially when our dog stress reliever spray is applied. Containing essential oils and pheromones, including lavender, sage, rosemary, geranium, bergamot along with frankincense, cedarwood, vanilla and more! Calming spray may be applied to toys, mats, beds and even air spritzed.

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