Kaytee Macaw & Cockatoo Food (3 lb)


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Kaytee® NutriSoft™ pet bird food pairs a unique, soft texture with natural fruit flavors to mimic the fresh fruits and vegetables found in your pet bird's native habitat. NutriSoft™ macaw food is great for picky eaters, featuring an enticing soft texture while providing optimal nutrition. Kaytee® NutriSoft™ food is a daily diet with the essential nutrients your pet bird needs to support digestive, brain, heart, skin and feather health. There's a little peace of mind in every piece of soft, delicious, nutritious, Kaytee® NutriSoft™.. Natural Fruit Flavors No Artificial Colors Daily Diet with optimal nutrition Pre and Probiotics support Digestive Health Omega-3 supports Brain and Heart Health Omega-3, Omega 6. and Amino Acids support Skin and Feather Health

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