Metro Paws Poop Bag Case (Orange)

Metro Paws

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The Poopcase® is the poop bag's best friend! It's the ultimate accessory for your walks with your best friend. No more rummaging through purses and pockets for waste bags with this award-winning essential.

  • Made of plant-based compostable materials and has a soft silicone-like feel.
  • Assembled in the USA by a sheltered workshop.
  • Carabiner clip makes it easy to attach to leashes or bags.
  • Each comes pre-loaded with a coordinating roll of Poopy Packs degradable waste bags.
  • Durable one-piece design that makes it easy to refill.
  • Available in 13 exciting colors.


The Poopcase® is the ONLY compostable poop bag dispenser MADE IN THE USA and assembled by a Sheltered Workshop in the midwest. What makes it even better is it is 100% compostable. Made of plant materials, our custom material can be composted when you are finished enjoying the case, but don't worry they will last for years.

How does it work?

  • When Poopy Packs are disposed of in an active microbial environment like a landfill or marine area, they attract over 600 different types of microbes.
  • These microbes colonize, form a biofilm around the bag, and begin to create enzymes. 
  • When these enzymes make contact with the Poopy Pack, a catalyst is formed that assists in breaking down the plastic and enables it to completely return to nature, leaving behind only small amounts of biomass and water & NO MICROPLASTICS

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