Open Farm Surf & Turf Freeze Dried Raw Patties for Dogs (10.5 oz)

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The most convenient way to feed your dog a real raw diet, this delicious recipe is a true-prey model diet, thanks to a high-protein blend that’s comprised of 95% grass-fed beef, along with Ocean Wise® approved wild-caught salmon and nutrient-dense organ meats to support your dog’s overall health.


Wholesome ingredients we've wholly obsessed over

100% Animal Welfare Certified Beef

Our humanely raised beef is pasture raised, grass-fed and grass-finished by ranchers on family farms. Grass-fed beef is a quality protein which is high in vitamin E.

Wild-Caught Pacific Salmon

Wild-Caught from the deep cold waters in the North Pacific Ocean, our Oceanwise recommended Salmon is high in quality protein and contains long-chain omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA.

100% Animal Welfare Organ Meat (Liver & Heart)

Organ meat provides an excellent source of nutrient-dense nutrition, rich in natural vitamins and minerals to help your pet thrive.


Formulated to help pets thrive

  • Gently freeze-dried, never cooked, easy-to-feed pure raw nutrition
  • Add patties and pour water or bone broth overtop and serve for a complete meal
  • Humanely raised, grass-fed beef and wild-caught salmon
  • Antibiotic, hormone, and steroid-free
  • Ground beef bone, hearts, kidneys and livers
  • 100% traceable ingredients from certified family farms

Feeding Guidelines

How to Feed

If fed as a complete meal for puppies and pregnant or lactating mothers, feed up to twice the amount included.

Suitable For: All Puppies, Adult Dogs, Senior Dogs


Weight(lbs) Full Meal: Patties/Day Calories/Day
5 lbs 2 ¼ 137
10 lbs 4 244
15 lbs 5 ¼ 320
20 lbs 397
25 lbs 8 488
25-50 lbs 8-13 488-793
50-100 lbs 13-23 793-1,403

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