Snugarooz Nacho Kitty n With Catnip Cat Toy (For cats of all ages and breeds)

Snugarooz Pet

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Spark endless fun for your cat with the "Nacho Kitty with Catnip" toy! This vibrant, nacho-shaped toy captivates and entertains for hours.


  • Eco-Friendly: 100% made with recycled water bottles, contributing to a healthier planet.
  • Premium Catnip Infused: Filled with high-quality catnip, it entices and excites, keeping your cat engaged and active.
  • Durable Material: Made with safe, non-toxic, and cat-friendly fabrics, ensuring long-lasting playtime without wear and tear.
  • Interactive Play: Encourages batting, kicking, and chasing, promoting exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Perfect Size: Ideally sized for cats of all ages and breeds to easily grab, carry, and enjoy.

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