Trixie Cat Flip Board (23 cm)


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Product information

  • board game with 2 cones and indentations with hinged lids and sliders
  •  non-slip due to rubber base ring
  •  plastic
  •  incl. training instructions
  •  compliant with animal welfare under Section 18 (AT)

Exciting board game for inquisitive cats - the Cat Activity Flip Board

Make snacking more interesting for your cat by placing treats and snacks in the different hiding places of our cat game. Dry food can also be placed in the hiding places. Your cat can then use her paws, nose and a little skill to fish the treats out of the recesses under the sliding surfaces, the hinged lids and under the two cones. For example, if you hide treats under the cones, your cat can push the cones over with her paws to get to the treats. The hinged lids can be opened by pressing small levers - your cat can operate the levers with her nose or her paws. The sliding surfaces can also be moved to the side by skillful use of paws and nose. This strategy game always provides variety. Due to a non-slip rubber ring on the bottom, the game always remains stable. In addition, our board game for cats has been tested and certified according to Sect. 18 of the Animal Welfare Act (AT). In the enclosed training manual you will find more valuable tips and tricks for optimal use.

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