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Reptiles need UVA to regulate their day-night activities and UVB to help synthesize vitamin D3 and maintain healthy calcium levels. Without enough UVB, they're in danger of developing nutritional diseases that can be fatal.

The Zilla Rapid Sense™ UV Detecting Décor lets you easily ensure your pet reptile receives the proper UVB levels for optimal health. When exposed to light, the Rapid Sense Decor indicator changes color, allowing you to check the UVB levels, making it easy to know when it's time to change the bulb.

The poplar log or crocodile skull designs fit beautifully with your terrarium, providing spots for your pet to bask in the UVB light or hide if they need more privacy. Both designs include accents that fluoresce under a black light to add a pop of color. On top of that, its non-porous surface is easy to clean.

Instructions for Use

The Rapid Sense Decor indicator is in a different location depending on whether you have the medium- or large-size Crocodile Skull. The indicator is located underneath a reusable feeding cup on the large size. The medium size has the indicator on the underside of the decor.

To check the UVB levels, hold the indicator under a UVB bulb for about 30 seconds. Then compare the color you see on the indicator to the color shown on the chart in the decor's instructions. If the indicator is below your pet's healthy range, it's time to replace the bulb. Do not leave Rapid Sense indicator exposed to UV for longer than the 30 seconds to check. Do not clean Rapid Sense indicator with any cleaning products other than soap and water.

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