Zoo Med Terrarium Leaf Litter (1 oz)

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc

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Zoo Med’s Leaf Litter is the perfect final touch for your natural terrarium. Ground dwelling creatures such as box turtles, snakes, skinks, salamanders, frogs, and insects will find comfort in the cover it provides.

Leaf litter is an essential part of any Bioactive habitat because it provides living space as well as nutrition for decomposers like isopods (rolley polleys.)

Zoo Med’s Leaf Litter consists of natural Jackfruit Leaves (Artocarpus heterophullus) that will slowly break down over time to add to the natural soil composition in any bioactive terrarium.


Rinse leaves with water before adding to your terrarium. Leaf litter may be mixed into the substrate or layered on top. Replace or provide additional leaf litter as leaves naturally break down.

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