Garden State Pet Center Announces Expansion and Exciting Partnership with Timberwolf Pet Food

Garden State Pet Center Announces Expansion and Exciting Partnership with Timberwolf Pet Food

Audubon, New Jersey - Garden State Pet Center, a leading provider of high-quality pet food, is excited to announce a significant expansion of our product line through a strategic partnership with Timberwolf Pet Food. This collaboration brings a wealth of innovative, nutritious, and delicious options to pets and their owners across the nation. 

Timberwolf Pet Food, renowned for its commitment to crafting premium pet nutrition, is a natural fit for Garden State Pet Center’s mission to provide the best for pets. By joining forces, we aim to offer an even wider range of top-notch pet food products that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of pet owners. 

Key highlights of this exciting partnership: 

  1. Expanded Product Line: Pet owners can now choose from an expanded range of pet food products, including dry kibble for dog’s & cat’s, all created with the utmost care and expertise.
  1. Premium Quality: Timberwolf Pet Food is well-known for using high-quality ingredients, and this partnership reinforces Garden State Pet Center’s commitment to providing pets with the finest nutrition available.
  1. Variety for Every Need: With new specialized formulas catering to various dietary requirements and taste preferences, pet owners will have a plethora of options to choose from.
  1. Expertise and Innovation: The collaboration between Garden State Pet Center and Timberwolf Pet Food combines decades of experience and a shared dedication to pet health and well-being. This will result in innovative products designed to address the unique needs of pets.

Garden State Pet Center’s CEO, Victor Santucci, expressed their enthusiasm for this partnership, saying, "We are thrilled to join forces with Timberwolf Pet Food to enhance the pet food offerings available to our customers. Together, we will continue to prioritize the health, happiness, and longevity of our furry companions. 

The new products resulting from this collaboration will be available in store at Garden State Pet Center in Audubon NJ and on our website, , and we look forward to pet owners enjoying the benefits of this partnership. 

For more information, please visit or contact Victor at856-617-6871 or 

About Garden State Pet Center: 

Garden State Pet Center is a leading provider of premium pet food known for its dedication to pets' health and well-being. With a history of innovation and quality, we continue to serve pets and their owners with the best nutrition available. 

About Timberwolf Pet Food: 

Timberwolf Pet Food is a respected name in the pet food industry, recognized for its commitment to crafting superior pet nutrition. The company is dedicated to providing pets with the finest ingredients and the healthiest meals available. When we began crafting Timberwolf’s recipes 25 years ago, each recipe had one focus, delivering a diet that was instinctive to your pet’s appetite. This method of feeding required an in-depth look to our wild instinctive prey of choice. These choices included herbivores such as buffalo and deer, that provided the nutritional cravings seen in Wild Wolves and Big Cats. 

While many pet food options focus solely on the protein source, what separates Timberwolf’s diets is its addition of herbs and veggies that these herbivore prey graze on. Each of these ingredients is catered to promote a specific function ranging from gut health after digestion to long term immune system health.

Each Timberwolf diet is focused on providing pet parents with a diet that they can both be proud of and trust. Our promise to our customers is that every Timberwolf bag is a reflection of our mission for delivering high quality instinctive recipes. 

Timberwolf promises 100% satisfaction with the purchase of any of our formulas from any of our authorized retailers which is also covered by Timberwolf’s guarantee. 

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