Garden State Pet Center Enters Dog Coffee Market with Barkista Dog Coffee

Garden State Pet Center Enters Dog Coffee Market with Barkista Dog Coffee
Garden State Pet Center Enters Dog Coffee Market with Barkista Dog Coffee
Audubon, NJ — 7/9/24 — Garden State Pet Center is excited to announce its expansion into the innovative dog coffee market by introducing Barkista Dog Coffee, a brand designed specifically for canine companions. This move represents a significant step in enhancing the overall well-being and enjoyment of pets and their owners.
Barkista Dog Coffee is a unique, nutritious blend made from all-natural, dog-friendly ingredients. Formulated to be safe and beneficial for dogs, this specialty coffee provides an engaging way for pet owners to share a cozy coffee experience with their furry friends.
“At Garden State Pet Center, we are always looking for new ways to enrich the lives of pets and their owners,” said Victor Santucci, President & CEO of Garden State Pet Center. “By introducing Barkista Dog Coffee, we are offering a fun and healthy option for dogs to enjoy alongside their owners during coffee time. This product aligns with our commitment to providing high-quality, innovative products that cater to the evolving needs of our customers.”
Barkista Dog Coffee is available in a variety of flavors, each crafted to appeal to dogs' palates while delivering essential nutrients. The product is caffeine-free and made from ingredients such as roasted chicory, carob, and turmeric, which offer health benefits including improved digestion and anti-inflammatory properties.
To celebrate the launch, Garden State Pet Center will host a series of in-store events featuring product tastings, expert talks on pet nutrition, and special promotions. Customers will have the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of Barkista Dog Coffee and how it can become a delightful part of their pet’s daily routine.
Garden State Pet Center invites all pet owners to visit their store or website to discover the new Barkista Dog Coffee and explore the many ways it can enhance the bond between them and their canine companions.
About Garden State Pet Center
Garden State Pet Center is a leading retailer dedicated to providing high-quality products and services for pets and their owners. With a wide range of pet supplies, expert advice, and community events, Garden State Pet Center is committed to enhancing the lives of pets and their families.
About Barkista Dog Coffee
Barkista Dog Coffee is a pioneering brand in the pet beverage market, offering a range of dog-friendly coffee alternatives made from all-natural, nutritious ingredients. Focused on health and enjoyment, Barkista Dog Coffee aims to create unique and memorable experiences for dogs and their owners.

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