Chew Toys and Chill: Date Night Ideas for Your Paw-some Companion

Chew Toys and Chill: Date Night Ideas for Your Paw-some Companion

Chew Toys and Chill: Date Night Ideas for Your Paw-some Companion

Love isn’t just a human affair. It is a celebration that transcends species. And anyone who has a pet can attest to this. Your pet is not only a cuddle companion – they have a special place in your heart and teach you essential life lessons like the meaning of friends.

We are in the month of love. And we bet you (or your other half) have romantic plans for Valentine’s Day. But do you have any for your furry companion? Remember, these are your most loving, loyal, and attentive friends, so they deserve a special treat.

How are you planning to spoil your pet? Do you have any ideas for your furry friend on the National’s Doggy Date Night (which happens in the U.S. every 3rd February)? If not, we’ve got your back.

Here are the best date night ideas for your paw-some companion that will get tails wagging.

Bakery bonanza

Want to make your furry friend happy? Give them a treat at the bakery. Once they spot the display case, they’ll be up on their two legs, ready to pick their favorite treat.

The bakery bonanza is not just about satisfying your pet’s sweet tooth: it’s a celebration of the unique bond you share with your pawsome companion.

To start your culinary escapade, scout out the best local pet bakery in your area (or even outside your region – go on, have some road trip fun).

When choosing a bakery, don’t just focus on the charming storefronts. Here are some considerations that will give your canine companion the best bakery experience;

  • Quality ingredients: Go for a bakery that emphasizes top-quality, natural ingredients. You want your pet to enjoy treats made with wholesome grains, real meat, and natural additives. A focus on nutritious ingredients ensures that your furry friend enjoys not only delicious but also healthy treats.
  • Fresh treats: Find a popular bakery that bakes treats regularly to guarantee optimal taste and nutritional value. Freshly baked pet goodies taste better and also reduce the risk of contamination or spoilage.
  • Customization options: You know what your pet loves best, right? Find a bakery that can tailor treats to your pet’s preferences and dietary requirements. This may involve personalizing treats with your pet’s name or adjusting ingredients for allergies – It adds a special touch to the experience.
  • Allergen information: Is your paw-some companion allergic or sensitive to certain treats? If yes, you must be careful when selecting a bakery for them. A reputable dog bakery should offer clear information about the ingredients used in their treats, helping you make informed decisions based on your pet’s dietary needs.

Let your furry companion pick their favorite treat and watch in delight as your pup extends a furry paw, signaling their seal of approval for a chosen treat. And when your bags are filled with an assortment of goodies, find a cozy spot, it could be in the bakery’s pet-friendly lounge area or a nearby park and enjoy your date.

Go on a hike or walk

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Looking for a perfect way to celebrate a date night with your paw-some companion? Try walking them or going for a hike. In addition to the health benefits, walking or hiking with your dog can be great fun. 

However, ensure you have all the necessary supplies before heading out with your pet. 

First, ensure your dog is on a leash, especially in public areas. If your dog pulls when excited, consider getting a harness to prevent them from straining their neck or choking.

Additionally, carry enough fresh water and energy-boosting treats for you and your pet companion. 

Movie night marathon

Love watching movies? If you do, chances are that your pet loves movies too. A movie night with your paw-some friend would, therefore, be a better way to enjoy the night.

If you’re doing it at home, begin by setting the stage for a cozy cinema experience. A snug movie-watching nook for you and your friend will add more to your date night experience. All you need is to arrange pillows and blankets on the floor, and there you have it. Don’t forget to add your pet’s favorite bed or blanket for an extra touch of comfort.

The experience won’t be complete without a snack of your choosing. You can, therefore, consider creating a snack station with an assortment of pet-friendly treats. And yes, we have doggy popcorn.

Your movie selection will also determine whether you’ll have a memorable experience with your paw-some companion or doze off an hour into the movie. Curate a list of pet-friendly films that cater to both human and canine tastes. Some of the movies you and your pet can enjoy on your date night include;

  • Beethoven
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Red Dog
  • Benji
  • Isle of Dogs
  • The Fox and the Hound
  • Lassie

Additionally, keep the atmosphere light-hearted and entertaining for both of you. Incorporate interactive movie games that engage your pet. For instance, have a cuddle break during the heartwarming moments or toss a soft toy during scenes with exciting action. This will enhance your pet’s enjoyment while adding an extra layer of fun to your movie marathon.

Game night

If your paw-some companion loves games, you might want to organize some on your date night. This will surely get the blood and laughs flowing all night long. 



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First, you want to select various games that cater to your pet’s preferences and energy levels. This could be;

  • Tug-of-war
  • Fetch, hide, and seek
  • Puzzle toys
  • Catch the treat
  • Frisbee
  • Dog treat game
  • Bubble chasing

When choosing a game, consider your pet’s favorite activities and incorporate them into the lineup. For instance, if your paw-some friend has high energy levels, try blowing bubbles for them to chase or play tug-of sock.

Don’t forget to get rid of any potential hazards at the designated play area.

Tip: A hefty supply of treats will keep your paw-some friend encouraged along the way. Also, set up bowls of water for hydration breaks.

Capture your moments

All these date night ideas for your companion friend will leave lasting memories. However, it’s good to capture some of these memories. You can use your phone or camera to capture the fun moments. If you want to get shots from your pet’s perspective, use a pet-friendly camera.

If you’re enjoying your date night indoors, ensure the room is well-lit to capture vibrant images. 

Zoom in on your pet’s facial expressions. Expressions like the joy of a successful catch, the sheer curiosity during hide-and-seek, or the determination during a game of tug-of-war will tell a story that you’ll want to remember.

Use the burst mode on your camera to capture a series of shots in rapid succession. This is particularly helpful for fast-paced activities like a game of tag or fetch. Oooh! Don’t forget to include yourself in the frame. Whether it’s a selfie during a game or a photo of you and your pet sharing a tender moment, these pictures add a personal touch to your collection.

Final thoughts

There you have it folks. A plethora of awesome date night ideas for you and your paw-some companion. Whether it’s a pet-friendly restaurant or a movie night at home, these date night ideas are sure to strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged friend. 

It’s worth noting that some places have restrictions on pet movement and other related activities. So, if you’re unaware of the potential laws and restrictions, or run foul with the law, seek legal advice from an experienced attorney.


Written by: Eric Tress

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