Open Farm RAWMIX dog food Review

Open Farm RAWMIX dog food Review

Open Farm RawMix

ReWild their diet with easy-to-serve ancestral nutrition inspired by the wild. Nutrient-dense kibble coated in a bone broth and freeze dried raw blend, with added chunks of raw meat will have your pets going wild. 

  • RawMix: The RawMix range features kibble coated in a bone broth and freeze dried raw blend, with extra chunks of raw meat. There are 6 flavors in total, 3 of which are grain-free and another 3 featuring ancient grains. 

WHY I LOVE IT: If responsible and sustainable sourcing is important to you, this may be the perfect fit. I was hesitant about their new RawMix line, so I reached out to the founders and learned that their use of freeze-dried nuggets in this food is higher than most other competitors (which I love). This is a great way to add “lesser processed” options to the bowl with no added steps, and they are 100% human grade. 


  • Higher protein 

  • Freeze-dried included 

  • Human grade 

  • Bone Broth & Raw Coated Kibble


  • Extruded at higher temps 

  • Uses vitamin synthetics 

Open Farm brand history

Open Farm was founded in 2014 in Toronto, Canada, by Jacqueline Prehogan and Isaac Langleben. The wife-and-husband team started their pet food journey in 2011 after adopting a rescue dog, Bella. Jacqueline started searching for a food that would provide premium nutrition for Bella, but align with Jacqueline’s own values at the same time. 

Unfortunately, she couldn’t find any food with ingredients that matched her animal welfare and sustainability standards. “As an animal lover, not only did I want to provide my pet with the highest quality food, but I also wanted to ensure that it was made ethically, sourced from humane family farms that treated their animals with respect,” Jacqueline explains on the Open Farm website. 

Jacqueline teamed up with Isaac and her brother-in-law Derek to start researching what it would take to develop pet food that provided high-quality nutrition while living up to high ethical standards. Open Farm was the result, and the brand launched in Canada first before expanding to the US, Australia, and parts of Asia. 

Open Farm recall history

Open Farm has never been recalled, which is good news for pet parents who want to make sure their dog is only fed safe ingredients. 

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